I used to have MySpace (yes, that was a while ago) and Twitter accounts. Soon afterward, I found myself constantly absorbed with updating my MySpace account and tweeting away on Twitter. And before I knew it I was spending most of my time posting information wondering where all of my time was going—it certainly wasn’t going toward my writing. Eventually, I got frustrated and closed down both of my accounts because I didn’t see what I was getting from either accounts.  It was obvious that I was only putting in work but unsure of what I was getting in return.

I think it’s safe to say that I experienced social media burnout. Looking back I think it’s because I didn’t understand how I should have been using these sites. So today I’ve signed up for a new Twitter account: http://twitter.com/cr8tvwrites

And I’m challenging myself to stay motivated and focused.  The challenge is a way to help me jumpstart my social media activities in a purposeful way so that I’m not spending too much time online posting and following up.  My goal is to learn how to effectively use the site by reading how other writers use it (Debbie Ohi’s “Writer’s Guide To Twitter” looks like a good place to start), figure out the best ways to connect with people with the same interests, and learn how to promote my other writing activities (like this blog and cartoons) without becoming annoying.  In two weeks, I’ll post an update to let you know what I’ve learned.