I’m not tech savvy by any means.  For the past four years, I’ve been using a Nokia e61i that I was able to buy from an old colleague for a very reasonable price.  It was ideal because at the time I wasn’t interested in being tied down by a contract; but I’m not sure I used it to its fullest capacity. In any case, I’ve been using it up until last week when it finally had enough and conked out on me.  Well, I rushed on over to T-Mobile and upgraded to a Blackberry Bold 9780 based on what I told the customer service representative I would be doing with the phone, checking emails and surfing the Web, it seemed like a good fit.

My dilemma–I told her what I would be doing with my new phone based on what I have been doing for the past four years with an outdated mobile phone that is now surpassed by Androids and iPhones.  I’ve been playing around with the BB Bold, and it’s been great when it comes to checking my emails when I’m on-the-go, which had been painfully slow with the Nokia.  But  considering there’s 3G and 4G speeds out there and talks of the iPhone 5, which it’s still unclear when it’ll make its debut, I want to know: What makes your smartphone rock?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially regarding any apps that help with editing, writing, and social media.  I’ve also included a poll in this post  just to get an idea of what other writers/editors are using these days.  So feel free to vaunt all you want about your smartphone by taking the poll, dropping a line or both!