It’s been two weeks since I signed up for a Twitter account and posted my Two Week Twitter Challenge.  With 50-plus tweets and 16 followers, I’ve learned the following:

  • Although there is an “I” in Twitter, it’s not meant for me to tweet away about all things concerning moi.  Yes, I’ve been tweeting things that concern my blog and comic strip.  However, I also make it a point to share some of my non-writing activities too (e.g. My plans to decompress during the weekend, and last-minute Mother’s Day shopping plans), which I think is important to breaking up the monotony of tweeting about work-related things and being personable too.
  • Interacting with other twellows (Is that already a word, it probably is?) is important to building connections that are meaningful.  Dropping a line to support another tweeter’s writing success, to answer questions, or to retweet posts has helped me to meet some new people online, and it’s been great.
  • There are people on Twitter who follow me (and many other people).  But, they don’t have any tweets…at all.  I know I’m just beginning to understand how Twitter works for writers.  But, I have a sneaking suspicion that not having any posts at all isn’t good Twitterquette.
  • And I think a good lesson for me has been learning to keep it short—saying something meaningful in 140 characters or less (and this includes spaces) can be difficult at times.  Thank goodness for Tiny Url!  But it’s been helping me to remove all the fluff in my writing and say what I mean.

Well, two weeks is definitely too soon for me to build a large community of tweeters who share similar interests–and besides this isn’t a popularity contest.  I look forward to growing, and I appreciate the people who are following me and posting tweets that are funny, engaging, personal, and educational.

When it comes to building connections online using social media platforms like Twitter, I’m looking forward to meeting more people online who enjoy sharing information and interacting with me (and hopefully isn’t a social media bot).  In the meantime, I’m enjoying meeting twellow writers (fellow writers who tweet, get it—no, too much…okay), promoting my blog, sharing my life and research interests, and finding useful tips. What has your experience been like on Twitter?

Well, see you around in Twitown!