A common complaint that I think everyone at one time or another can agree on is the sense that time flies by.  No matter how organized you try to be, or how diligently you work, time can seem to be moving at warp speed.  And before you know it your to-do list doesn’t seem like you’ve done much all day

Well, rather than giving yourself grief over how much you didn’t do focus on your accomplishments no matter how small.  As a new full-time freelancer, I’ve adopted a glass half-full perspective to help me throughout my day.

So focus on the positives like you’ve actually gotten some priority work done (and no I don’t mean catching “The View” on ABC).  I try to keep a 9-5 schedule (I know, I know I said “try” to, and I do accomplish this most of the time).  Now that my day is almost done, I’m looking at my tasks and realize that I still have a few more items to take care of.  While some tasks are housekeeping items like consolidating my numerous email accounts (Why did I need so many Gmail accounts to begin with again? I forgot.), other tasks include moving along to the next session in an online copyediting (CE) course I started.  But rather than getting fixated on what I didn’t do, I’m checking out what I actually did accomplish today:

  • Pitched ideas to two new markets and resubmitted an old idea with a different slant
  • Conducted a one-hour phone interview
  • Completed a CE exam for a potential freelance opportunity (2-hour timed test)
  • Replied to emails about freelance opportunities that I’m being considered for
  • Submitted an article that was due today
  • Had breakfast & lunch (Hey, a girl’s got to keep her energy up!)

As a newbie to the business of freelance, I’m learning to be happy with the progress I’m making.  Getting frustrated is part of the process, but I’m channeling my energy toward recognizing my accomplishments daily and not just waiting for those BIG moments like scoring more clients on a consistent basis or getting published.  After all, it’s the things that I do daily that’ll get me to those hallmark moments in my career.

Freelance work has been a stressful transition for me after leaving a 9-5 job in publishing.  So, I’m striving to manage my time better, to be accountable even when I don’t have deadlines looming, and to learn to give myself a break when I don’t finish everything I set out to do daily.

So, are you a glass half-full freelancer?  When was the last time you slowed down to give yourself a pat on the back for those little victories in your day?