No, I’m not plotting and scheming, my characters are.  Today is Day 1 of my writing challenge.  Everyone has a different process for writing a novel and mine simply began with a question: “Can love truly conquer all?”

Hmm, I wondered about this and with time I plotted seeds–ahem, I mean planted seed–in the minds of my main characters. I think the most interesting thing about writing my outline is seeing a skeleton of my book from start to finish.  Now this “outline” will no doubt be tweaked along the way as I come up with new ideas to add layers to my novel–secrets that rock relationships, lies that challenge the stability of my characters’ world, funny situations that elicit laughter, and personalities that readers feel engaged with (for better or for worse).

In my writing process, I find myself challenged to push my characters beyond the barrier of my own personality and the safety net of my world. I share certain things about myself through my characters–growing up in a single-parent household and being a first-generation American.  But, then there are things that I haven’t experienced like certain tragedies, desires, fears, and wants.  The challenge ahead of me is to create scenes in which my characters are pushed beyond my limits: Would I say that?  Can I even fathom doing that?  Probably not, but that’s the fun part of writing fiction.  I’m able to be different people who get caught up in tense, comical, and trying situations that are probably more that I’d experience in this lifetime.  I look forward to developing my characters and weaving a storyline, which although is real, readers find engaging and believable.