FireworksWith my birthday less than two weeks away and as the July Fourth holiday weekend begins to wind down later tonight (not before I indulge in a bit more ‘cue), I’ve been doing some introspective work on where my freelance business is and where it’s headed.  At the moment, I’ve been steadily networking and securing opportunities as a freelance researcher and writer on various book projects as well as in magazine writing.  And I have a healthy draft shaping up for my first fiction novel.  So, things have definitely been progressing nicely–thank goodness.

We’ve all heard the saying that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.  Thankfully, I’ve been pretty lucky because most of the work I’ve secured has come through people who’ve referred me.  It took me a while to get to this point in which I felt that I was capable of being an independent contractor.  But in the months that I’ve been self-employed, I’ve realized that it’s not about a final destination (securing jobs and making a wage)–it’s about creating a career working for myself.  I love what I’m doing now, and I think the challenge going forward is creating a career, which a few months of successful freelancing doesn’t prove.  The good thing is that I believe that I will get there because what I was doing before wasn’t the answer.  And at least now I’m completely invested and invigorated in the work that I’m doing, which is what matters most.  I’m, for the first time, experiencing what people mean when they say they love what they do–now that’s passion-filled living!

I am at a turning point in my life where I’m realizing that independence means freeing myself completely from living with the shadows of an unfulfilled life, just sitting idly by waiting for someone else to recognize my potential.  Well, I got tired of waiting.  It’s my life and so it’s my responsibility to see that I make the most out of it because I’ve got only one lifetime to make it work.  People say life is short.  And I always say it’s the longest thing we’ll ever experience–it just seems short because we spend way too much time thinking about doing things rather than doing ’em.  Just think about how long your book idea has been swirling around in your thoughts before you actually sat down to write it.

What is your dream for your life?  And are you living it now.  Given a canvas with paint and brushes, we would all create a different picture of what invigorates us and gives us a sense of purpose and joy. I’ve always had a passion for writing and an interest in health–so, it’s natural that I find myself drawn to the work that I am doing now.  For me that means working from home as a health writer and researcher for magazines and authors.

This weekend I’m reminded to live boldly and go after the things that I want, by taking a bit (And a bite of a grilled burger–Provolone cheese, please!) of a lesson from the Declaration of Independence that boasts our right to pursue happiness among other things.

So, what will the future hold?  Well, I’m hopeful and working toward greater things.  When I sit back and appreciate how much my life has changed in such a short amount of time, I believe with certainty that an amazing experience is in store for me.  And on this warm, sunny July 4th I plan on watching the fireworks light up the sky–a symbol of the brightly lit future I plan on experiencing.

Happy Fourth of July!  And keep pursuing your passions without regret.