Breaking in as a magazine writer and novelist has been a scary notion.  But, I have no plans of sitting on the sidelines anymore.  This benchwarmer is ready to play!  It’s time to start living fearless, boldly and assertively.  So, I can build the dream I’ve been living in my head and finally make it a reality.

Inked Curiosities (IC) is how I perceive the world around me and use that to pitch ideas to editors or craft characters for that novel or short story that’s been brewing in my head.  It’s a platform for me to share my successes and lessons with other new writers.  I’m also looking forward to connecting with some veteran writers too.  The road will no doubt be a bumpy one with the occasional rant (but this is my breathing space, so forgive me).  I look forward to sharing my experiences as I brave this complex, wonderful world of writing.

Welcome to IC!


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